LOS ANGELES — Squren Ad Network has announced the launch of its non-intrusive “sticky tabs” ad format. The sticky tab is an adhesion ad that sticks to the side of the webpage.

Sticky Tab
Sticky Tab

“It glides along and fits in place almost naturally within the site,” offered a rep.

The ad can be placed in eight positions on the edge of the site. Whenever the user engages the tab, an advertisement is displayed. The user can easily close the ad by clicking the “close” button.

For advertisers, the sticky tabs can also show video.

“Video ads have been shown to be highly impactful when it comes to online advertising,” the rep added.

“Now is a great time for publishers to try this new ad type,” said Squren’s Edward Austin. “The great thing I like about this ad type is the customization we can offer to the publisher. This non-intrusive ad would work well on many sites and is very easy to set up.”

Austin said they expect this new ad format will help maximize advertisers’ ROI.

For more information, log in to the Squren ad platform or contact [email protected].


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